[Speaker] October 17th – Dan Ferguson, CATME team, Purdue University

October 12, 2017

Time: Tuesday, October 17th, 2017, 11:00 am-12:00 pm

Location: 4405 Siebel Center

Title: What are the ‘secrets’ to being a good team member?

Abstract: 81% of Fortune 500 corporations use team-based work structures. Managers and recruiters consistently rate the ability to work in teams at or near the top of the list of qualities they value in employees. Thus, the ability to work in teams is widely viewed as a key for success in getting and keeping a job, and having a successful career.

The problem of developing team skills is exacerbated by cultural norms that value individual success above collaboration. Professionals, especially in the United States and in competitive disciplines, like computer science, view success as measured by individual achievement and develop work practices consistent with this norm, even in collaborative work contexts in which those work practices are not rational.

For example, although demonstrating that students can function on teams is required by several accreditation standards and the fact that most engineering and computer science work is performed by teams, a study of upper-class engineering students found that the vast majority, 83%, prefer to work alone, and they prefer to have their individual contributions stand out (40%), rank themselves against others (68%), and try to exclude peers perceived as having inferior technical skills (65%) (Leonardi, Jackson, & Diwan, 2009).

This talk will examine five behaviors crucial to good teamwork and involve the audience in assessing the teamwork behavior of hypothetical individuals.

Biography: Daniel M. Ferguson, PhD has served as an investigator on NSF awards supporting research in engineering education, teamwork and is CATME Managing Director in the College of Engineering at Purdue University. Prior to coming to Purdue, he was Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at Ohio Northern University and Associate Director and Senior Lecturer in the Inter-professional Studies Program [IPRO] at the Illinois Institute of Technology. His research interests include engineering innovativeness, entrepreneurial engineering, teamwork learning, and the innovative capacities of professional engineers. Prior to his university assignments, he was the Founder and CEO of The EDI Group, Ltd. and The EDI Group Canada, Ltd, education, publication, consulting and market research companies specializing in B2B electronic commerce and electronic data interchange in the U.S. and Canada. He was also a Vice President at the First National Bank of Chicago, a predecessor of J.P. Morgan Chase, where he founded and managed the bank’s market leading Cash Management Consulting Group, initiated the bank’s non-credit service product management organization and profit center profitability programs, and was instrumental in the breakthrough EDI/EFT payment system implemented by General Motors. Dr. Ferguson is a graduate of Notre Dame, Stanford, and Purdue Universities, a serial entrepreneur, an editor of the Journal of Engineering Entrepreneurship, a triathlon athlete and a member of Tau Beta Pi.

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