The study of interaction between people and technology is one of the most important areas of Computer Science. The HCI graduate program within the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois is an established leader in the field. Our research invents, implements, and studies new forms of interaction within the areas of social computing, judgment and decision making, design and creativity, and computational modeling.

Graduate students in our program work closely with leading researchers in the field, have access to state-of-the-art facilities for conducting research, and have the opportunity to tailor a large part of their gradaute course work. Students graduating from our program have received faculty appointments and positions at the top schools and industry labs.


Computer Science
  • CS 591 HCI: Seminar on Human-computer Interaction
  • CS 598kgk: Social Spaces
  • CS 498KK: Social Visualization
  • CS 565: Topics in Human Computer Interaction
  • CS 465: Principles of User Interface Design

  • Library and Information Science
  • LIS590RPE: Doctoral seminar in Rapid Prototyping and Evaluation
  • LIS 351A: The Design of Usable Information Interfaces

  • Psychology
  • PSYC 358: Human Factors
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