For the HCI qualifying exam, students will read and present 3-5 assigned research papers to an exam committee. The committee will ask questions throughout the presentation regarding the content of the papers and relevant background knowledge. To pass the exam, students must demonstrate both breadth and depth of knowledge in the field of human-computer interaction. In addition to the assigned papers, students should be familiar with the content represented in the background reading list.

Students will select three out of the four papers listed below.  You have the option to choose 2 papers from the list. In this case, you will need to find another paper and have it approved by their committee.  You will also need to write a one-page critique on the 3 papers you have chosen (the format and requirements of the critique can be found in the link below).  These critiques must be submitted to the qual committee at least ONE week before their Qualifying Exam, unless otherwise stated by your qual committee chair. 

Notes on writing your paper critiques for the qualifying exam

Papers and Note for Spring 2018:

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